Flynova Pro Flying Orb, Mini Drone Flying Ball Built-in Rgb Led Spinner


Flynova Pro Flying Orb, Mini Drone Flying Ball Built-in Rgb Led Spinner
The coolest flying toy HIGH TECH HAND CONTROLLED DRONE. FLYNOVA PRO is a flying toy that can find its way back to you like boomerang. With RGB light, the mini drone shines bright and colorful when it flies at night. Different launch angles and speeds can achieve different flight paths and skills, as well as different smooth flight modes and boomerang effects (Boomerang effect, transmission, hover).Safe and portable design. The redesigned balloon shape of FlyNova Pro for kids with spherical design and protective casing means it is completely safe to grasp with hands. It's a great way to relax and release stress.USB rechargeable. FLYNOVA PRO flying ball Built-in rechargeable battery with fast charging time. A quick charge of 25 minutes is enough to give your FLYNOVA PRO a full 10 minutes of pure flight time. The supplied USB charging cable can be connected to a power bank, laptop, phone adapter, car charger, etc. Allows you to fly longer, go farther and keep good times.Simple, fun to use. FlyNova Pro to be fun and safe, especially for children. Turn on the power button and hold the Flynova Pro up, then simply shake it to start. Catching it in the air or on the move is easy and 100% safe. Lightweight, flexible flying toys, not restricted by space and can be easily played with indoors or outdoors. And with three different color lights, you can light up the sky with the color of your choice.Have fun anytime, anywhere. FLYNOVA Pro mini handheld drone for kids (over 6 years old) and adults is even more fun with friends. You don't need a large area or a lot of space to take off with a flying ball drone. Perfect for a game of back and forth catch or team tricks with friends. It is designed to work both indoors and outdoors with smooth flight pattern and boomerang effect. Use it at home, school, party or the office.

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