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Kenneth Cole Mankind Unlimited 3.4 oz


MANKIND UNLIMITED reimagines fragrance for the man who knows no boundaries.  The fragrance brings a burst of energy, creativity and drive to the adventurous individual who is confident, resourceful and has the vision to redefine everything. The fragrance is an explosion of invigorating scents contrasting with fresh spices and warm woods, combining elements from across the globe.  A citrus top from Italy leads into a fresh aromatic heart of juniper from France and is blended with sandalwood from Australia and amber from Northern Europe.  This variation of warm and cool notes adds a modern masculine edge to the vibrant new fragrance.

Citrus Aromatic
FougereThe Fragrance Notes:TOP: Juicy Orange Zest (Italy); Ocean Water Accord; Mandarin Oil (Italy)MID: Juniper (France); Cardamom and Ginger (India); Clary Sage (France); Pepper (Madagascar)DRY: Cedarwood Atlas (Morocco); Sandalwood (Australia); Amber (Northern Europe)
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