Ricola Cough Drops - Sugar Free Lemon Mint 19 Drops


Ricola Cough Drops - Sugar Free Lemon Mint 19 Drops 

  • Naturally relieve sore throats with mint and lemon
  • Menthol throat drops act as a cough suppressant
  • Cough drops contain a blend of 10 herbs cultivated from Switzerland
  • Soothe that allergy itch in your throat
  • Description
    Get quick cough or sore throat relief with Sugar-Free Lemon Mint Throat Drops from Ricola. The blend of mint and lemon not only soothes the throat, but also tickles the taste buds. These sugar-free cough drops won't create further congestion, so at the first sign of symptoms, dissolve one drop slowly in the mouth without biting or chewing and get the relief you need.
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