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Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum Mint Toothpaste, 3.4 Ounces


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Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum Mint Toothpaste, 3.4 Ounces

Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum Mint toothpaste is a dual action toothpaste that's specifically designed to help people with both sensitivity and early gum problems. With its low abrasion formula, Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum Mint is formulated to relieve tooth sensitivity and improve gum health at the same time. Some common triggers for tooth sensitivity include cold, hot, sugary or sour foods or drinks. Gum issues can go hand in hand with tooth sensitivity. With twice daily brushing, Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum provides proven relief from the pain of sensitive teeth and builds a protective layer over sensitive areas, while targeting and removing plaque bacteria to help reduce swollen, bleeding gums. You can control both these concerning problems with one specialized toothpaste.

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